Term Fees

Per term
9am to 1pm
(Available to children 2 to 2½)
3 days $2580
9am to 1pm
(Available to children 2 to 2½)
4 days $3440
9am to 1pm
(2 and over)
5 days $4300
9am to 3pm
(Strictly 3½ years and over. It is not compulsory)
5 days $4300
(Refundable with one month’s notice of withdrawal given and served before the end of the Term. Failure to give notice within these parameters will result in loss of your deposit. There are no exceptions to this.)
Registration Fee  $50

Please make cheque payable to Joint Montessori Venture Pte Ltd
Funds transfer to DBS current account number 0659030211 branch code 065

All fees and registration fees are subject to 7% GST.
Deposits are not subject to GST. 

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