What They Say

Parent of Nigel
“Our son Nigel has been attending Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten for over 3 years now. During this time, he has grown from a shy quiet preschooler into a confident young boy. We like that the school is not too large, allowing a more personal and interactive channel between parents and teachers. We also like that the Montessori curriculum nurtures independent learners, and allows the children to progress at their own pace without being limited by class levels. The children also gain exposure to theatre and the performing arts from a young age, attending children’s international drama performances every year, as well as staging their very own grand performances during the holiday camps! The teachers strike an effective balance between fun and a firm hand. We feel comforted that Nigel enjoys his school, loves his friends and every teacher that he has had and he has blossomed in many areas. He is dreading the day when he has to leave Little Hands Montessori to move on to big school!” January 2016
Parent of Harper and Ollie
Hi ladies, I’m embarrassed that after 3 years in SG this is the first time I am actively thanking you all for the amazing care, creativity, confidence and independence you have and continue to give our children. It is a joy to get little weekly creative works of art, honest conversations with you all, the amazing knowledge you have of all your students and the fantastic performing arts program and concert.. We just love it all. I think especially now harper is at big school and in an anonymous environment, I feel so much more grateful for the little hands approach, its very special… So.thank you! Enjoy the holidays! Cheers Aleetza December 2015
Sona and Ankur Arya
Parents of Naina and Aadi
” Little Hands has been a second home to both our kids since 2012, when our daughter was 20 months old. She is now 5 and a half and graduating this year. Our son joined 6 months ago at the same age. Our choice of school was dependant on 2 criteria – a small school with an intimate yet diverse environment and proximity to our residence. We didn’t have any friends who could share any personal experiences with the school so we went in, a little nervous, especially because our daughter – Naina, had a sensitive immune system and needed a little extra TLC. We couldn’t have been happier and so, when our son was ready, it was a no-brainer decision for us. It was been an incredible 3+ years,, where the management and the teachers alike, have paid individual attention to our kids, they have patient and constantly accommodated our requests to keep us frequently updated – even when I am travelling (which is every week), and we have great conversations and sometimes healthy debates on what’s next! The program offers structure but has an unparalleled focus on all round, holistic develop with the performing arts program after school. Our daughter has had exposure to Mandarin, various forms of dance, drama, cooking, acrobatics, sports to name a few. The holiday camps are the kids favourite! I think this breadth of experiences and exposure has prepared her well for “big school”. If I had to do it again, we would undoubtedly make the same decision, as we have done with our son. Our kids love school – that is the biggest testament!” We sincerely thank everyone at Little Hands – including the Aunties, who take care of our precious little ones – every day! Sincerely, Sona and Ankur Arya January 2016
Parent of Zavier and Aria
“Both my kids started at Little Hands at 2 years old and stayed all the way to graduating. One of the things that struck me was the sense of independence the school tries to instil in the kids (and parents) from a young age. This is done as soon as they leave us at the gate. My kids joined the school as little timid children and have now become more confident socially and in their daily activities. The teachers are consistent and they know the behaviours of my kids well. As a stay home mum, I am fully aware of their likes, dislikes and quirks. This is reinforced at the school’s parent teacher meetings hence I am aware the teachers are constantly aware of my children’s progress. Besides having the Montessori component, the kids get ample time to play and cook. Over the years, the program has become more sophisticated to include an elective Performance Arts component. My kids have enjoyed the dance, music, acrobatics and martial arts part of their day. Their physical confidence has improved since being a part of the program. We also look forward to the annual Christmas concert which take the kids out of their comfort zone. It is my favourite holiday program of the school and the kids look forward to it each year. We have had many great times at the school. It has been an important part of my children’s lives. January 2016
Shermeen Karim Gambhir
Parent of Zwena and Zaviyar
“Little Hands Montessori has provided both my children with an educational environment that has catered to their individual personalities and specific needs at any given age. Through encouraged independent learning they have developed in all areas and abilities both academic and creative.” January 2016
Parent of Jasper, Elke and Ollie
“Hi Alison, Chue Lin and Kathryn I wanted to pass on a little update on Elke and how well she is doing at AIS. She has been at AIS just 3 weeks now and we met with her Prep teacher Maddison Cooper this morning to catch up on how she has settled in and where she is academically compared to the other students who started prep in January. The feedback was that she has settled into the new routine extremely well, and luckily she was able to re-join her old buddies in the class, Mackenzie, Mila and Hugo from little hands. She is sitting on a table with Mila and Mackenzie and loving it. The other feedback she had was that she has been extremely well prepared by you for Prep and despite starting late in the year, is at or above the Prep year level, even starting on year 1 work. As you know AIS is large and there are around 10 classes per year level. Ms Cooper has been lucky to have taken most of the Little hands kids into her classes over the years, including Arabella Rogers, Ava Corser, Max Boag,Josh Miller, Ava Osborne, and now Elke, Mila, Mackenzie and Hugo. She has commented that these kids are academically very well prepared, and that little hands has done a great job in terms of all kids being able to read and write already, solid Maths skills and a great desire for learning. What a great school! I just wanted to pass this feedback on to you all and say thankyou again for the time and effort you have put into Elke over the years. Thankyou! Marika” 23 October 2014