Value & Mission

Our Values

The Community

Recognize that the school is a part of the wider community and to contribute efforts to enhancing community development.

Build skills and good attitudes needed for integration into the community.

Foster a team approach so that all members of the school community are treated both as individuals and as valuable team members.

The Child

Foster the Value of Education in the child.

Respect and accept the child for who he/she is.

Recognize that each individual is unique with thoughts and feelings.

The School

Create a school that is stimulating, happy, comfortable and safe for creativity, exploration and discovery.

Create an environment that accepts and reflects our sensitivity towards the cultural diversity of the school.

Understand the developmental needs of each individual child and strive to uncover that immense potential with developmentally appropriate activities.

Our Mission

The Child


Nuture and Support each child in their learning journey.

Build a strong foundation for them to think for themselves.


The World Around Them


Incite curiosity for the world around them.

Confidence to venture out on their own.

Explore and discover and realize for themselves that their potential has no limits.

Holistic Education


Child-centred activities that will cater to each child’s learning styles.

Build strong relationships with parents too, so that we may work together to bring out the genius in every child.